Welcome to Gundam Token

"If you could go to space you could understand... there was hope between the stars." - CHAR
We started with a single person and a simple idea of creating a platform that’s simple to use with minimal costs. This has been our motive for being in the space as a whole as well as our utility projects from one person to an overall community reach of a few thousand in a few months we believe the consumers have spoken and our message is clear. We commit to an unwavering dedication to bringing you the most well-vetted projects with as little cost as possible so the creators and innovators can do what they do best and create.
Gundam Token is a project built for everyone, artists who are addicted to NFTs, or even a Crypto enthusiast who may have an extensive collection of tokens. We aim to be the first true Ultimeme project through innovation and passion that bridges the gap to utility.

The White Paper

This Whitepaper should be read in its entirety and considered as a whole before making decisions to acquire or trade Gundam tokens.
Gundam Tokens do not constitute an offer or solicitation of financial instruments. If prospective Token holders are in any doubt about the contents of this Whitepaper, they should consult their financial or legal advisers.

The Issuer

The Whitepaper has been drafted by the Beaumont Blockchain team and founders who will be owning the company Beaumont Blockchain (The Company), registered in Texas, USA
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