Our Vision

Our Dream is the creation of the world’s first true “UTIMEME” cryptocurrency combining the power of ‘meme’ tokens with the usability of 'utility' tokens.
Tokenomics to drive sustainable rapid growth in the value of the Gundam token that will be the basis for transaction and reward across an ecosystem robust with activities where users' data ownership is taken seriously from a cryptocurrency first perspective.
With the Fibonacci Ecosystem, everyone can be rewarded in Gundam Tokens for exchanges of content and engagement.
The success of open-Source decentralized 'meme' cryptocurrencies has broken records and overshadowed some of the most long-standing cryptocurrencies classified as “utility”.
To date meme cryptocurrencies have enjoyed the public’s attention and have gained an immense following. Two of them already have a combined market cap greater than some of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world.
One of the key issues, however, is their inability to ever scale beyond their “meme” status.
More elaborated use cases are not present in most of these tokens and many slowly lose traction once the hype has died.
Seasoned investors frequently avoid these cryptocurrencies.

The Solution

First and foremost supply and demand drive any market. This is intrinsically tied to market stability as well as consumer confidence.
Our development team's main goal is to build a use case ecosystem around Gundam Tokens that will allow you to do everything from Buy NFTs to purchase shoes from Amazon.
With in house development and strategic partnerships with cutting edge developers across the globe, we intend to methodically add utility to our ecosystem at every step of our journey together. Case in point:

Project Fibonacci

Our proprietary blockchain... intent on revolutionizing document control solutions around the world.