Meet Our Talented Team

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” - Phil Jackson
A great team is necessary for successfully operating great projects. Thus, we all partnered and created a team passionate about initiating a crypto project successfully. We share the same values and excitement to combine our skills and knowledge to skyrocket the Gundam Tokens’ growth. Let’s introduce you to our talented team members:
Alex Kane: Our project’s Social Media Manager, Alex Kane, will be overseeing all the social campaigns to increase our user base. Our young Irish man is an expert at reviewing social media statistics and is always up for answering your queries.
Rhys Gibbs: Our Chief Technical Officer his primary role and responsibilities will lie 100% in development and testing he’s the brains behind the vision and we expect great things from him.
Joshua Whitaker: Our Founder & Project Lead, Joshua Whitaker, is adamant about proving the worth of meme tokens. He likes to dream big and collaborate with his amazing team members. Our Gundam Token official is committed to placing our project among the Forbes 500.
Lucas Noel: Our NFT Marketplace Developer, Lucas Noel, has gained a plethora of business knowledge by working in the oil and gas industry. He’s been in the crypto/NFT space for over a year and has a keen eye for successful assets. He is ready to accelerate the project's growth by using his managing, marketing, and sales skills.
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